About re-distribution of a reading file

It will have carried, if we the reading volunteers will do their best and make and will have many people hear it.
Since it is an important file, I ask that I have you treat carefully of you.
It is the result of your efforts which act as a volunteer.

"TOMO-chan no oheso", "The story of FOLKLORE", and "music file" are outside the following condition.
I refuse re-distribution firmly.

Re-distribution of reading contents is permitted on condition that the following.
When re-distributed, be sure to contact me to Hayamimi net secretariat.
I refuse commercial use.

Re-distribution conditions

*I refuse an edit alteration of the contents of a file firmly.
*Please express a writer name, a work name, and a reader name as a certain method.
*Please express this re-distribution condition as a certain method.
*As for the first sound LOGO (Hayamimi net teikyoh ...) and theme music, this site has the work.

The display methods, such as appending of the text file on Web, are free.
However, I refuse re-distribution by the file format which lowered tone quality from the form of "MP3" carried to this site. (For example, RealAudio etc)

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Issued: Hayamimi net 4-13-25 Negishi Taito-ku, Tokyo
Rep: Mizuho Hayakawa
Mg: Shinichi Hayakawa