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"Toshishun" - Ryunosuke Akutagawa
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Narrator : Namiko Nagai

Full_length version : New Edit

Toshishun Full_length version
  Reading time: about 40min.
  File size: approx. 18.5mbs

Trial version
Reading time: 24sec.
File size: approx. 200kbs

Toshishun Trial version

Section 1
From introduction music to "hirahira matte imashita"

Reading time: 4min.55sec.  File size: approx. 2.3mbs

Toshishun Section 1

Section 2
From "ni toshishun wa ichinichi no uchini…" to "keshiki nano desu"

Reading time: 3mim.05sec.  File size: approx. 1.5mbs

Toshishun Section 2

Section 3
From "shikashi ikuraka ooganemochi…" to "nakunatte imashita"

Reading time: 3mim.26sec.  File size: approx. 1.6mbs

Toshishun Section 3

Section 4
From "san omae wa…" to "senjutsu wo oshiete kudasai"

Reading time: 3mim.38sec.  File size: approx. 1.7mbs

Toshishun Section 4

Section 5
From "roujin wa mayu wo hisometamama…" to "rougin site tobikosu Douteiko"

Reading time: 3mim.01sec.  File size: approx. 1.4mbs

Toshishun Section 5

Section 6
From "yon futari wo noseta…" to "narashiteiru bakari nano desu"

Reading time:4mim.54sec.  File size: approx. 2.3mbs

杜Toshishun Section 6

Section 7
From "toshisyun wa hotto…" to "suwari naoshi mashita"

Reading time:2mim.04sec.  File size: approx. 970kbs

Toshishun Section 7

Section 8
From "ga sono tameiki ga…" to "soko e taorete simai mashita"

Reading time:3mim.20sec.  File size: approx. 1.5mbs

Toshishun Section 8

Section 9
From "go tosisyun no karada wa…" to "kuchi wo kikimasen desita"

Reading time:3mim.49sec.  File size: approx. 1.8mbs

Toshishun Section 9

Section 10
From "koreniwa sasuga no…" to "taorefusite itano desu"

Reading time:3mim.20sec.  File size: approx. 1.6mbs

Toshishun Section 10

Section 11
From "Tosisyun wa hissi ni natte" to "onajikoto desu"

Reading time:2mim.20sec.  File size: approx. 1.1mbs

Toshishun Section 11

Section 12
From "Doudana" to ending music

Reading time:2mim.44sec.  File size: approx. 1.3mbs
Toshishun Section 12

Common data of these reading files

Narrator : Namiko Nagai
Sample Rate : 22KHz
Bit Rate : 64kbps
Mono file

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